ARPwave = Accelerated Recovery Performance (formally TheraStim):

I LOVE THIS MACHINE!  It has been a ther­a­py in my office since 2002.  One of the three ther­a­pies I have worked with oth­er than mas­sage and cold laser since start­ing my prac­tice 19 years ago.   I now have 6 machi­nes!
I first came across the TheraS­tim and now ARP­wave when my then boyfriend and now hus­band had 700 to 900lbs of dry­wall fall on him break­ing his pelvis in two places.  Of course the MD’s were most con­cerned with his frac­tures rather than the soft tis­sue dam­age so they nev­er did any­thing to treat the torn mus­cles in his legs and pelvis.   Over time the soft tis­sue dam­age had turned into scar tis­sue which made it so dif­fi­cult for him to stand up for extend­ed peri­ods of time.   I shared his sto­ry with a col­league that owned the TheraS­tim and she encour­aged us to come to her office so we could try it.  She firm­ly believed it would help him recov­er from the scar tis­sue and adhe­sions he had acquired from the acci­dent, and she was right!!  It worked so well for him I knew I need­ed to have a machine in my office too!  It is the only elec­tric stim machine I have ever used in my prac­tice.
There are many amaz­ing qual­i­ties the ARP­wave elec­tric stim has – reha­bil­i­ta­tion, decreas­ing scar tis­sue, increas­ing blood sup­ply, increas­ing range of motion to name a few.  My favorite ben­e­fit and patients tes­ti­monies are from those who have received treat­ment with the ARP­wave pre and post-surgical care.  In my clin­i­cal expe­ri­ences doing one to three treat­ments pri­or to surgery has helped peo­ple go into surgery pain free and with increased range of motion, this enables the patient to heal from the surgery only and not the trau­ma, acci­dent or injury that cre­at­ed the prob­lem.  The goal in the office is to have the patient go into surgery won­der­ing why they are even hav­ing the surgery.  FYI: I have not seen the ARP­wave change the joint sta­bil­i­ty, there­fore being a rea­son why surgery is typ­i­cal­ly still nec­es­sary.  Then, after surgery have anoth­er one to three vis­its to help increase blood flow to the area, increase range of motion and decrease pain. 
If you have a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure on your cal­en­dar or if it sounds like the ARP­wave is some­thing you could ben­e­fit from give us a call.  We would love to sup­port you and your heal­ing process!


  1. Reply Sue

    Can this ther­a­py assist in heal­ing scar tis­sue build up long after a knee replace­ment has tak­en place?

    • Tricia Shaar
      Reply Tricia Shaar

      Great ques­tion — YES! It can work above, below and around the knee to increase range of motion and blood to the tis­sue areas. As well as work on oth­er parts of the leg, hip, and pelvis on the com­pen­sa­tions pat­tern­ing that has come over time as a con­se­quence of adapt­ing to the knee replace­ment.

  2. Reply Trent

    I had a ter­ri­ble prob­lem with my psoas mus­cle. I lit­er­al­ly could bare­ly walk or stand up/sit down. Dr. Shaar treat­ed it with her mag­ic ARP­wave machine and I instant­ly felt about 60% bet­ter. Anoth­er treat­ment a few days lat­er and I was back to nor­mal. It real­ly was amaz­ing!

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