Essential Oils ~ What should I buy?


Over the years many peo­ple have asked me this ques­tion.  I have learned through talk­ing to many peo­ple in the aro­mather­a­py indus­try there are a lot of per­son­al opin­ions on the sub­ject.  Many of the com­pa­nies on the mar­ket claim to be ther­a­peu­tic grade… but I won­der how does laven­der oil from 3 dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies each smell dif­fer­ent? 

Actu­al­ly, I strug­gle with the same ques­tions.  Some infor­ma­tion I have shared with oth­ers I’ve read on my own, some infor­ma­tion I’ve shared has been given by pro­fes­sion­als in the indus­try, and some infor­ma­tion I have shared has come from my own  per­son­al  expe­ri­ences.  I believe at this time I have arrived at the posi­tion… truth is in the nose of the behold­er.

I have smelled some essen­tial oils claim­ing to be pure that make that space between my eyes wrin­kle up and I won­der how could any­one tol­er­ate this when quest­ing for well­ness, health, and bal­ance?  I have been around peo­ple who claim to use or dif­fuse pure essen­tial oils and have been com­plete­ly over­whelmed with the smell that lingers and I strug­gle to ven­ti­late from my office space long after they have left.  I have smelled some pure essen­tial oils that have trans­formed my soul, tak­en me to a dif­fer­ent dimen­sion, and lift­ed me off my feet as I am stand­ing on the ground.  I want to drink the oil so my body will feel as good as my brain and nose from smelling it.  All the­se oils have the same thing in com­mon… they all claim to be pure.   So, is the truth in the nose of the behold­er?

Here is a great arti­cle!  I real­ly enjoyed read­ing, well most of it! 🙂  It does have some very detailed parts that could be a bit over whelm­ing for some.   And some very inter­est­ing, enlight­en­ing parts for oth­ers whom may like a lit­tle less detail.  Nonethe­less it cov­ers the scope of the top­ic on pure essen­tial oils.  Please take a moment and check it out:

ONE MORE THING I would like to share that I feel is very impor­tant… chil­dren and ani­mals are not adults… chil­dren and ani­mals do not have the same tol­er­ances to essen­tial oils as adults do.  **PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE** be advised to do appro­pri­ate and prop­er research when using essen­tial oils on and around chil­dren and ani­mals.  Below are some infor­ma­tion­al sug­gest­ed web­sites, there are many more to choose from.  As well as a list of many pro­fes­sion­al essen­tial oil com­pa­nies wor­thy of your shop­ping plea­sure.  🙂

As I have heard oth­ers in the indus­try say… Hap­py Oil­ing!

Chil­dren & Essen­tial Oils:

Ani­mals & Essen­tial Oils:

ADR, The Ani­mal Desk Ref­er­ence, Essen­tial Oils For Ani­mals by Melis­sa Shel­don, DVM

Top Rat­ed Essen­tial Oil Brands:

  • Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils
  • dōTER­RA Essen­tial Oils
  • Edens Gar­den Essen­tial Oils
  • Native Amer­i­can Nutri­tion­als Essen­tial Oils
  • Rocky Moun­tain Oils
  • Plant Ther­a­py Essen­tial Oils
  • Aura Cacia Essen­tial Oils
  • Moun­tain Rose Herbs Essen­tial Oils
  • Heal­ing Solu­tions Essen­tial Oils
  • Fab­u­lous Fran­nie Essen­tial Oils
  • Kis Oils
  • Plant Guru Essen­tial Oils
  • Art­Nat­u­rals Essen­tial Oils
  • Majes­tic Pure Essen­tial Oils
  • Rad­ha Beau­ty Essen­tial Oils
  • Prime Nat­u­ral Essen­tial Oils
  • ArOmis Essen­tial Oils
  • But­ter­fly Express Essen­tial Oils
  • PLANTLIFE Essen­tial Oils
  • Rocky Moun­tain Essen­tial Oils
  • Frog Works Essen­tial Oils



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