Greet­ings from the home of Uni­ty Chi­ro­prac­tic!  Thank you for join­ing us for our open­ing post on our new Blog.  Our plan is to make this a health­ful, sup­port­ive, pos­i­tive and inspir­ing place to expand thought and intro­spec­tion.  We are going to share per­son­al thoughts and expe­ri­ences, pro­fes­sion­al pearls of wis­dom we have learned along our 19 years of prac­tice, appli­ca­tions and expe­ri­ences of our unique way of assess­ing and inter­pret­ing the body and new “out of the box” con­cepts.  The­se are some places along the path we are all jour­ney­ing towards quest­ing for a more bal­anced life and mind­ful­ly evolv­ing respect for our­selves and for those around us.

Our top­ics will include Chi­ro­prac­tic, ARP­wave, Mas­sage and Essen­tial Oils, and Whole Health. So please come back, join us when you have a moment and check in to see what’s going on at Uni­ty Chi­ro­prac­tic!

Many Bless­ings, Much Love for whole Health and Bal­ance.