ARPwave Therapy


This elec­tric stim­u­la­tion unit is dif­fer­ent then the tra­di­tion­al modal­i­ties typ­i­cal­ly used in ther­a­py sit­u­a­tions. ARP Man­u­fac­tur­ing, LLC has pro­duced a sig­nal with simul­ta­ne­ous high and low fre­quen­cies as a multi-phase sig­nal with polar­i­ty. This pro­duces a high pow­er fac­tor rather than just high volt­ages with­out pro­duc­ing dis­com­fort to the patient. On the con­trary, an almost imme­di­ate numb­ing occurs around the treat­ment area and an imme­di­ate, long last­ing ther­a­peu­tic respon­se is obtained, often with as lit­tle as one treat­ment. ARP­wave fea­tures a blend of two sig­nals: a main pulse and a back­ground sig­nal. The unique sig­nal pro­vides a “3-D” stim­u­la­tion of the body area being treat­ed. Patient and doc­tor par­tic­i­pa­tion is anoth­er fea­ture of the treat­ment sys­tem, result­ing in self-directed ther­a­py in the speci­fic areas. Elec­tros­tim­u­la­tion ther­a­py has been found to be ben­e­fi­cial for a vari­ety of con­di­tions and con­traindi­ca­tions because of the vasodi­la­tion qual­i­ties of the APRwave ther­a­py:

Relax­ation of Mus­cle Spasm
Pre­ven­tion of Dis­use Atro­phy
Increase of Local Blood Cir­cu­la­tion
Mus­cle Re-education
Decreased Mus­cle Adhesions/Scar Tis­sue
Increas­ing Range of Motion

Con­traindi­ca­tions: (vasodi­la­tion)
Over known can­cers
Patient prone to faint­ing
Dehy­drat­ed Patient

(Information is from ARP Manufacturing, LLC Procedure Manual)