Young Living Essential Oils

Uni­ty Chi­ro­prac­tic uti­lizes as an addi­tion­al ben­e­fit Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils in our office and with our treat­ments. Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils has enhanced our office, our patients’ expe­ri­ences in heal­ing and heal­ing lev­els. We also do Rain­drop Ther­a­py treat­ment as a detox modal­i­ty with our patients who are sick, in a lot of pain and emo­tion­al­ly exhaust­ed. This treat­ment has helped them recov­er and process much quick­er.
lavendar-crop-u2155Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils

Fresh­ly cul­ti­vat­ed and steam dis­tilled, the essen­tial oils in Young Living’s col­lec­tion are life-enhancing gifts from the plant king­dom, revered for cen­turies for their restora­tive prop­er­ties to body, mind, and spir­it. Pure essen­tial oils now re-emerge as a key solu­tion to the chal­lenges fac­ing mod­ern lifestyles. Supe­ri­or to all oth­er sup­ple­ments, Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essen­tial oils deliv­er pos­i­tive ben­e­fits to the body through smell, direct absorp­tion into the skin, and by nor­mal diges­tive process­es. Cleans­ing, calm­ing, stim­u­lat­ing, sooth­ing, Young Living’s essen­tial oils bring bal­ance to all sys­tems of the body. (Tak­en from Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils web­site)



raindropRain­drop Ther­a­py

Rain­drop Tech­nique com­bi­nes the art of aro­mather­a­py with the tech­niques of Vita Flex and mas­sage in the appli­ca­tion of essen­tial oils to var­i­ous areas of the body. This col­lec­tion pro­vides a rev­o­lu­tion­ary means of bring­ing bal­ance and har­mony to the body – phys­i­cal­ly, men­tal­ly, and emo­tion­al­ly.
(Tak­en from Young Liv­ing Essen­tial Oils web­site)

CONTAINS: Sev­en sin­gle oils: Thyme, Basil, Pep­per­mint, Oregano, Win­ter­green, Cypress , and Mar­jo­ram. Two oil blends: Val­or and Aro­ma Seiz.