Make a Health Conscious Choice!


I have been told so many times by patients… “I am not going to the doctor”, “I am not getting a flu shot”, “I am not taking drugs”, “I am not going to vaccinate my children”, and “I don’t take antibiotics” to name a few.  All great concepts to consider and ultimately choose, but then I will ask them… “So if you aren’t going to do any of those allopathic healthcare protocols or heed to any of the medical modal suggestions what are you doing?”  And the answer is typically and ultimately – nothing!I commend all those who want to take part in their health journey seeking for other options, wanting to avoid medications, drugs, vaccinations, antibiotics, etc. and live a more natural based lifestyle but you can’t choose not to listen to recommendation by your MD and then do nothing!  YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE SOMETHING!  Which side of the healthcare fence will you choose?  If you ride the rail, teetering from one side to the next pending on what is going on presently in your life you will eventually fall off, and your plan might fail.

If you choose to be allopathic free then you need to be holistically pro-active!  I didn’t say reactive, I said proactive. Reactive is waiting for something to happen before you do something. Proactive is doing something all the time consistently enabling a smoother outcome.

With that being said… here are some of the areas of your life that might need conscious daily reconsideration to be able to have a healthy more proactive life and lifestyle.  And no, to confirm dieting is not one of them!! Start by choosing the highest quality of food – organic whenever possible, choose supportive healthy food profiles – ‘eating by the season’, ‘eating farm to table foods’, ‘eating for your blood type’, eating more whole simple and natural foods, shop more regularly purchasing fresh food, purchase organic grass feed beef/poultry/eggs from local farmers, eating cleaner meals with natural organic seasonings, drinking cleaner water in a washable-reusable container, taking supplements that are age appropriate – both vitamins and minerals, taking acidophilus or clean organic bacteria type foods from natural grocery stores, taking probiotics to boost your immune system, getting essential fatty acids in your diet – omega 3, 6, 9 in supplementation or food sources – cocoa butter, grass feed butter, olive oil, flax seed oil, certain seeds and nuts, exercising in a way to make you strong enough to do what you need comfortably daily. Take time each day to get some sunshine without sunscreen, be outside and put your feet in the grass, make friends with a tree and enjoy it’s company, take naps when necessary and possible. Consider cleaning your house with natural substances, use essential oils that are of medicinal grade – to clean with, diffuse in the house, take them orally in capsules, use on your skin daily. Please laugh A LOT – play often, attend or watch shows that are funny/inspirational/mind expanding, give back whenever possible – even if it is something small, take breaks regularly, use your yearly vacation time, choose to be happy always, have healthy relationships, speak your mind with love, respect (not tolerate) everyone for you do not know what others may be going through, live by conscious choices all the time, de-clutter your home, live minimally, choose to see the opportunity in everything all the time, tell people how you feel – especially the good stuff, take a break from all technology daily. Don’t forget to have an intimate spiritual practice daily, have relationships which support your spiritual practices and beliefs, mediate or take time for stillness every day, let things go easily, forgive as much as possible, hug often, smile daily and enjoy life all you can just to name a few things.

At least this is a place to start.  There are many other suggestions and ideas out there, please feel free to share some of the ideas you’ve used on your life’s walk to health and balance.  Two of the best things I’ve done are to be with like-minded people who help me remember and who live by the way in which I am most interested in living. The other, which I believe is possibly the most important and the root to all dis-ease conditions… make every effort to avoid a stressful quality of life, or make every effort to deal with stress in a positive opportunist way.



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