ARPwave = Accelerated Recovery Performance (formally TheraStim):

I LOVE THIS MACHINE!  It has been a therapy in my office since 2002.  One of the three therapies I have worked with other than massage and cold laser since starting my practice 19 years ago.   I now have 6 machines!
I first came across the TheraStim and now ARPwave when my then boyfriend and now husband had 700 to 900lbs of drywall fall on him breaking his pelvis in two places.  Of course the MD’s were most concerned with his fractures rather than the soft tissue damage so they never did anything to treat the torn muscles in his legs and pelvis.   Over time the soft tissue damage had turned into scar tissue which made it so difficult for him to stand up for extended periods of time.   I shared his story with a colleague that owned the TheraStim and she encouraged us to come to her office so we could try it.  She firmly believed it would help him recover from the scar tissue and adhesions he had acquired from the accident, and she was right!!  It worked so well for him I knew I needed to have a machine in my office too!  It is the only electric stim machine I have ever used in my practice.
There are many amazing qualities the ARPwave electric stim has – rehabilitation, decreasing scar tissue, increasing blood supply, increasing range of motion to name a few.  My favorite benefit and patients testimonies are from those who have received treatment with the ARPwave pre and post-surgical care.  In my clinical experiences doing one to three treatments prior to surgery has helped people go into surgery pain free and with increased range of motion, this enables the patient to heal from the surgery only and not the trauma, accident or injury that created the problem.  The goal in the office is to have the patient go into surgery wondering why they are even having the surgery.  FYI: I have not seen the ARPwave change the joint stability, therefore being a reason why surgery is typically still necessary.  Then, after surgery have another one to three visits to help increase blood flow to the area, increase range of motion and decrease pain.  
If you have a surgical procedure on your calendar or if it sounds like the ARPwave is something you could benefit from give us a call.  We would love to support you and your healing process!


  1. Reply Sue

    Can this therapy assist in healing scar tissue build up long after a knee replacement has taken place?

    • Reply Tricia Shaar

      Great question – YES! It can work above, below and around the knee to increase range of motion and blood to the tissue areas. As well as work on other parts of the leg, hip, and pelvis on the compensations patterning that has come over time as a consequence of adapting to the knee replacement.

  2. Reply Trent

    I had a terrible problem with my psoas muscle. I literally could barely walk or stand up/sit down. Dr. Shaar treated it with her magic ARPwave machine and I instantly felt about 60% better. Another treatment a few days later and I was back to normal. It really was amazing!

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