This electric stimulation unit is different then the traditional modalities typically used in therapy situations. ARP Manufacturing, LLC has produced a signal with simultaneous high and low frequencies as a multi-phase signal with polarity. This produces a high power factor rather than just high voltages without producing discomfort to the patient. On the contrary, an almost immediate numbing occurs around the treatment area and an immediate, long lasting therapeutic response is obtained, often with as little as one treatment. ARPwave features a blend of two signals: a main pulse and a background signal. The unique signal provides a “3-D” stimulation of the body area being treated. Patient and doctor participation is another feature of the treatment system, resulting in self-directed therapy in the specific areas. Electrostimulation therapy has been found to be beneficial for a variety of conditions and contraindications because of the vasodilation qualities of the APRwave therapy:

Relaxation of Muscle Spasm
Prevention of Disuse Atrophy
Increase of Local Blood Circulation
Muscle Re-education
Decreased Muscle Adhesions/Scar Tissue
Increasing Range of Motion

Contraindications: (vasodilation)
Over known cancers
Patient prone to fainting
Dehydrated Patient

(Information is from ARP Manufacturing, LLC Procedure Manual)