To live in Colorado is to love the outdoors and all it has to offer. Who better to enjoy it with than our friends, family and our animal companions? Here in Colorado we love our pets, we treat them as family members, and we want the best for them. Therefore, why not consider adding animal chiropractic treatment to their lives as a proactive, preventative health and wellness routine? The truth is that our bodies and their bodies are very similar.  We all can benefit from chiropractic care.

An animal visit to Unity Chiropractic is very similar to the human visit. We discuss concerns or changes you’ve noticed in your pet, we do an examination, we treat the spine and extremities, and we make suggestions for what you can do at home in-between treatments that can support the healing process.

During the chiropractic treatment, we gently stabilize the animal and evaluate the movement of the bones in the spine and extremities. These areas of the spine and/or extremities that aren’t moving properly can cause the animal pain, increase inflammation, decrease blood supply, create nerve changes, cause negative behavior, and decrease the animal’s quality of life. When we find a bone that is not moving in its proper and appropriate range of motion, a small adjustment is given to restore movement to the area. The effects of a chiropractic adjustment can support organ health, increase the immune system, decrease body stress, increase flexibility, and enable the animal to move more freely. What sets Unity Chiropractic apart is that we follow up to ensure that our treatment has awarded your pet an increased quality of life.

What better gift could we give to our pets and ourselves?

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