Meet Arnold, a 13-year-old Pug. He had a good and healthy life with minimal to no issues. Over time his family started noticing his posture changing. There was an upward bending to his spine, his body become stiffer, and his movement slower. Basically, his quality of life had changed for the worse. He didn’t want to go outside as often, when he did go outside, it wasn’t for as long and he no longer was playing as before. Although he appeared to have no pain, he just wasn’t himself and wasn’t as active. His family took Arnold to the Veterinarian a few times to see if something was wrong. Each time they returned home with the same answer; “He is fine, just getting older.” The family asked if I would take a look at him to see what I thought and if there was something I could do to help. I took some time to examine Arnold, made the appropriate spinal adjustments and gave the family instructions on how they could continue to work with him and provide him therapy at home. Today Arnold is doing much better and has returned to his older but happier self.

Arnold before chiropractic adjustments and home therapy:

Arnold after chiropractic adjustments and home therapy:

We are so blessed and honored to have supported Arnold

during his last year of life with Chiropractic Care. 

RIP Arnold, we love and will miss you! (2004-2019).