I brought my high school, athlete daughter to Dr. Shaar with an ongoing complaint of severe back pain. Dr. Shaar immediately met my daughter with respect and validation. All of Dr. Shaar’s treatments were performed with my daughter and were gentle and effective. Dr. Shaar created an atmosphere of trust for an otherwise cynical girl. The at-home exercises are attainable and give my daughter a daily sense of ownership for her healing. In addition to the non-traumatic adjustments my daughter received, she has been encouraged in her sport and in finding the balance between playing and taking care of herself. Dr. Shaar is a great role model of a strong, intelligent, athletic woman. She refers to her practice as “another tool in our toolbox,” but I refer to her as a living example to support my daughter’s development. My daughter is pain-free and playing hard. 

Susan B. – Littleton

+ + + + + + +

I have been seeing Dr. Shaar for several years for massages and for chiropractic care. She has been able to help me with more than just back pain! She is easy to talk to, very friendly, and she makes every appointment one to look forward to. She truly is a healer on multiple levels and has really helped me! Thank you Dr. Shaar! I am blessed to have met you!

Diandré W. – Littleton

+ + + + + + +

Dr. Shaar has helped me over the past 5 years with severe back pain and with recovery from two ACL operations. I highly recommend her and have appreciated her kind nature and healing capacity. I am now in great shape and am able to pursue my hobbies pain free.

Tarek E. – Denver

+ + + + + + +

I have been a patient of Dr. Shaar for over six years. A friend referred me to the practice and my journey to better mobility and comfort has been the result of this very satisfying relationship. Two of my children, a teen and young adult, have also seen Dr. Shaar for sport related injuries. Her ability to diagnose and recommend treatment and coordinate care with other specialists has been a testament to her commitment to care for the whole person. Thank you for all you do!!!

Julia S. – Littleton

+ + + + + + +

I am astounded at the difference in the way I feel in just a few short weeks! I realize that this sounds like another unfounded claim – commercials are full of them – but it isn’t. I have endured back pain for many years. It is a constant discomfort that never really fades into the background. I have tried a number of different treatments in hopes of alleviating the pain but they just addressed the symptoms and never the problem. You go in for an appointment, feel better for a day, maybe two, but it never lasts and only reminds you how you are suppose to feel.

A friend recommended Dr. Shaar. Well, recommended is an understatement – she raved. I was resigned to just another temporary fix but made the appointment anyway. Right away, things were different. She listened, asked questions, shared observations and every statement was aimed at a solution, at correcting the problem, not just a quick fix. After the first visit, I already felt better. My range of motion, muscle tightness, all immediately responded – very different results than any previous doctor or chiropractor had achieved.

By the 3rd visit, Dr. Shaar had become my personal miracle worker! My only frustration was that I had wasted so many years feeling miserable when it really wasn’t necessary after all. I highly recommend her to anyone who will listen. Dr. Shaar is about progressive and lasting improvement and I can’t thank her enough for helping me so much in so short a time. She has improved my quality of life.

With Appreciation,
Natalie V. – Denver

+ + + + + + +

I first went to see Dr. Shaar on the recommendation of a friend after I’d had a bicycle accident. In addition to the massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, she gave me priceless information and advice on how to sit, stand, sleep and walk to help speed up my recovery. She has even been able to help with a completely unrelated neck issue that had bothered me for more than 10 years. She has always seemed genuinely concerned with my health and well-being and I always look forward to my appointments.

John A. – Greenwood Village

+ + + + + + +

Dr. Shaar has been an important part of our family’s wellness for years! She kept my husband in pristine shape for a Marathon in 2005. When I was pregnant, Dr. Shaar kept me “running” with both emotional and physical support. Now, Dr. Shaar cares for our whole family, including our one-year old! She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but possesses an intuitive ability to treat patients with a healing touch. She is different from any person I have ever known. When we visit Dr. Shaar we feel empowered, educated, and most of all cared for. She has been such a blessing for our family.

Eero, Diana, and Annika V. – Castle Rock

+ + + + + + +

I began seeing Dr. Shaar for treatment in October 2007 due to complication following hip replacement surgery in April 2007. I was experiencing significant pain and discomfort. Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Shaar, I had completed almost four months of physical therapy treatment which, unfortunately, didn’t provide much relief. [Dr. Shaar’s] treatments have helped alleviate the pain and constant discomfort that I had been suffering from following surgery. Dr. Shaar is a wealth of knowledge and is very open to new ideas and methods of treatment. She has been a definite source of encouragement and support throughout my “recovery”. I plan to continue to see Dr. Shaar for maintenance care in the future and would highly recommend Dr. Shaar to anyone looking for great chiropractic care.

Nancy B. – Highlands Ranch

+ + + + + + +