Greetings from the home of Unity Chiropractic!  Thank you for joining us for our opening post on our new Blog.  Our plan is to make this a healthful, supportive, positive and inspiring place to expand thought and introspection.  We are going to share personal thoughts and experiences, professional pearls of wisdom we have learned along our 19 years of practice, applications and experiences of our unique way of assessing and interpreting the body and new “out of the box” concepts.  These are some places along the path we are all journeying towards questing for a more balanced life and mindfully evolving respect for ourselves and for those around us.

Our topics will include Chiropractic, ARPwave, Massage and Essential Oils, and Whole Health. So please come back, join us when you have a moment and check in to see what’s going on at Unity Chiropractic!

Many Blessings, Much Love for whole Health and Balance.